Why Certified Nursing Assistant Careers are Important

Certified Nursing assistants continue to be in high demand with solid career prospects that will continue to grow with an aging population. A CNA career places course graduates in an important place on any medical team. A great CNA helps not only medical doctors, nurses and other medical staff, but patients as well. A career in the medical field sees certified nursing assistants in a variety of roles within a medical department or nursing team. The role will continue to grow tremendously, showing a 20% increase in demand for CNA’s through 2020, which is over 300,000 new jobs!

A certified nursing assistant doesn’t require post-secondary education and their salaries are projected to continue to grow by 19%. There are six things you need to know about why you should begin an exciting journey into the medical field by becoming a certified nursing assistant.

1. Training is quick and seamless
Training for a career in certified nursing assistant care won’t take years, in fact in most states course training to become an assistant can be completed within 4 to 12 weeks which is broken down into contract hours and clinical practice. Once the parts are finalized, United States Federal law also requires new assistants to complete an additional 75 hours of hands on training after which a new CNA can become their new career. One great way to prepare for certification as an assistant is taking or reviewing a CNA practice test that are available online and in bookstores that will show some of the duties expected of a new assistant.

2. Training to become a certified assistant is affordable
The investment in becoming an assistant is cost effective starting at around $1,200. Once the initial training, as been completed, a training examination is required which costs between $115 to $125 dollars with some small fees for licensing, vaccinations, criminal background checks, etc. But, be aware that full costs depend on the state and area that training is performed in.

3. Big Job sector choice and flexibility
Because medical careers are projected to continue to experience rapid growth, a career in certified nursing assisting allows assistants to work in various nursing assistant sectors such as retirement centers to large metropolitan hospitals while also enjoying hours flexibility that can allow an assistant to hours they need and like.

4. Find a job anywhere
Certified nursing assistants are in high demand and even if they need to relocate, as long as they have current certification they can find a new position anywhere.

5. Great pay
A CNA career provides new assistants with a great salary without a college degree where training can be completed in six to twelve weeks that leads to an opening median salary of $24,000.

6. A great lead-in to becoming a licensed nurse
Working as a certified nursing assistant can lead to becoming a solid candidate to entering an accelerated program to train as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

With so many great benefits, it is easy to understand why becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great career move. So, whether you’ve always desired to experience a career in nursing or you’re seeking a new career path you owe it to yourself to discover the benefits of becoming certified nursing assistant because you’ll be glad you did!

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